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Imagine being able to effortlessly create high-

ticket offers that captivate your audience and generates massive revenue in just minutes!

Most entrepreneurs don't know this...

But there is a proven shortcut to creating an aligned six-figure offer online.

An offer so good you're surprised you didn't do it yourself.

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A gamechanger that will expand the way you think and get those high-end clients to work with you.

Gone are the days of:

  • Wasting precious hours on offer creation that goes nowhere

  • No more staring at a blank screen

  • And hoping that inspiration will finally pop in!

    Well, guess what? The solution you've been craving is right here, right now!

Because now through AI advancements & our proven system you're able to:

Instantly connect your passion and purpose into an offer simply by typing a few prompts into Chat GPT!

What's the catch?

If you've ever dabbled with Chat GPT you already know that it doesn't always spit out the best content.

You voice isn't captured in the way you want it to be.

Your unique essence doesn't always shine through

and you don't want to end up looking like every other coach, creative or entrepreneur in your industry either.

You were meant to be bold, expressive and expansive amiright!!!!

But, what if there was a way you could build a magnetic offer, connect with your ideal clients & FINALLY build out the security of monthly recurring revenue you've been waiting for!


The 'High-Ticket AI Offer Prompts" is Your Ultimate Badassery Cheat tool...

To build an offer that connects with your soul and makes you excited to sell every single day no matter what service you offer to your clients!


Because inside we reveal exactly how you can leverage tools like Chat GPT in your business to:

  • Save incredible amounts of time and stop agonizing over offer creation for hours on end. Our AI prompts will guide you, step by step, through the process, so you can create intuitively aligned high-ticket offers.

  • Have Laser-Focused Targeting so you can resonate with your unique audience, connecting with them on a deeper level.

  • Easily articulate your offer's value to generate more leads, sales and profits. Our AI prompts will help you articulate the benefits and outcomes in a way that triggers an emotional response.

  • Confidently sell at higher price points as our AI prompts will help you structure your offers in a way that effortlessly convinces your prospects to invest at a high-ticket level.

The High-Ticket AI Offer Prompts is NOT just about having a bunch of cool prompts...

It's a complete system for sharing your genius with the world, boosting your credibility, and creating Five Figure Monthly Recurring Revenue in your business with the help of AI...

So how does it work:

  • Step 1: Fill out the Intake Form

    Upon purchasing "Craft High-Ticket Offers in Minutes : $7 High Ticket Offer AI Prompts,"

    You'll gain access to an intuitive intake form.

    The form is designed to gather all the necessary information about your business, target audience, and desired outcomes.

    This step ensures that the AI prompts are personalized to your unique needs and goals.

  • Step 2: Submit to Chat GPT with Secret Prompts

    Once you've completed the intake form, it's time to unleash the power of Chat GPT.

    By submitting your intake form, you're giving Chat GPT the fuel it needs to create a compelling and personalized offer tailored specifically for you.

  • Step 3: Embrace the Inspiration

    Within moments, you'll receive a curated offer that will blow your mind. Not satisfied, just regenerate or adjust the intake form with more specific details.

    You will immediately see how specific your offer is and it will defiantly ignite your creativity, providing the perfect starting point to communicate the value and uniqueness of your services.

It's your time to add that Six-Figure Revenue stream you've been thinking about! Click the button below!

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Who this is for:

  • CEO Coaches, Creators & Service-Based Entrepreneurs ready to take high-ticket sales head on & bust through income barriers!

  • Ladies wanting clarity in their messaging & to create a freakin' unicorn offer

  • Anyone wanting an engaged digital community of ambitious high end prospective clients they can market to on the daily

You Also:

  • Aren't scared of success, but you want to taste the new version of you with high-ticket on...

  • You desire to be laying in bed so damn proud of how you've expanded into a new mindset and the woman you are becoming instead of thinking about what you want life to look like.

  • Ready for a offer that isn't a bunch of fluff because you no longer have time for bullsh*t

Our AI prompts have been meticulously crafted to guide you through the offer creation process, guaranteeing that your offers resonate with your target market and make them scream,

"Hell yeah, sign me up!"

$ 99Value | 94% off | Get For $7


How long will it take to see results?

While everyone's intake form will be different, you will see results from AI in a matter of seconds.

Is this suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! The High-ticket AI offer prompts works as long as you fill out the intake form with your preferences and get specific about how you want to work with others!

What if I need support once AI generates my offer?

No problem, just click here to schedule a roadmap call with me, Kristine and I'd be happy to dive deeper into your new high-ticket offer and how to implement it!

Will this work for my industry?

The Answer is YES! I created this intentionally so that it would be applicable to all Service-based entrepreneurs. I have such a wide range of diverse business owners in my community & I really wanted them all to be able to use this resource.

Do I need a lot of followers for this to work?

Nope! Most of my successful students have smaller followings. If you have more than a couple hundred followers you will be fine to launch into a high-ticket offer as long as you have incredible value to offer...which of course you do!

What's MRR?

MRR is monthly recurring revenue and that is what we help you create in your high-ticket offer.

Don't wait another minute! Get your prompts below!

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