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Plan and sellout your retreat in 90 days!


You're ready to create meaningful in-person retreat experiences that cultivate relationships, create impact for your clients and a new revenue stream for your business.

You're over the checklists...You've read them all...



In just 90 days (or less) you can create and host your first successful retreat.

The Retreat Design Mini-Course is loaded with tangible tips on how to create, market and sell your retreat on social without ads, while actually making a profit!

Dream It - Module 1

Create the vision and mission for your retreat while defining the outcomes for participants. Bring your retreat ideas to life and create a tactical, step-by-step plan using our worksheets to build your format and a compelling offer for your clients.

Build It - Module 2

Choosing the right business model for your retreat and scoping a location is a huge part of planning your retreat, You will learn how to identify the right vendors and plan down to the smallest detail so that nothing is overlooked.

Sell It - Module 3

Building visibility, community, marketing and selling out your retreat is the most important part of why your doing this. Learn exactly how to sell your retreat & make a profit the first time.

Ready to Design & Sell Out an Unforgettable Retreat?

What You'll Learn:

  • Cultivate an Irresistible Experience:

    Learn how to design a retreat that captivates and transforms, making each moment unforgettable.

  • Cultivate a Loyal Community:

    Build a tribe that's as passionate about your retreats as you are, eager to attend and engage with your offerings.

  • Master the Art of the Sell:

    From presales and waitlists to affiliate strategies and launches, discover the dynamic approaches to sell out your retreat and choose what intuitively feels good to you.

  • Communicate with Impact:

    Uncover the exact content that will inspire your clients to commit and invest in your retreat experiences.

  • Enhance Continuously:

    Learn how to create effective feedback strategies to refine and perfect the retreat experience after each event + easy ways to capture testimonials.

  • ...and so much more!

Meet Your Retreat Mentor

Hi love! I'm Kristine Schwartz.

A spiritual money & business mentor all rooted in soul energetics, feminine transformation & intuitive marketing.

Coaches, Creatives, healers & leaders come to me to activate their spirituality, feminine power & wealth through 6 figure business expansion and beyond guiding you to unlock the calling of your higher self and become magnetic on every level while helping you create a life altering business.

Retreats have become my passion as they build transformational shifts, aligned momentum and provide people all over the world with an opportunity to deeply connect.

I am so honored you are considering working with me and truly excited to be your mentor through the process of building and hosting your own retreats.

I look forward to supporting your highest vision and helping you build life shifting events!

Ready to travel for work and make money doing it?

Retreat Design Mini-Course $247

This mini-course will give you everything you need to get started and confidently market your retreats to your ideal clients. It's time to bring your dream to life.

PSA: This is much more than just a checklist!

Features & Course Details

Self-paced course with video content, worksheets and slides to give you the exact tools you need to sell out your next retreat!

Course Curriculum

Module 1 - Dream it

4 Lessons

  • Retreat Vision

  • Define your Mission & Target Audience

  • Identify Your Outcomes

  • Module 1 Worksheet

Module 2 - Build It

4 Lessons

  • Define Your Retreat Business Model

  • Book Your Vendors

  • Determine the Details

  • Module 2 Worksheet

Module 3 - Sell it

5 Lessons

  • Sell it!

  • Build Your Community

  • Visibility

  • Market Your Retreat & Outreach

  • Module 3 Worksheet


2 Lessons

  • Pricing Guide & Budget

  • Retreat Spreadsheet

Investment $247

Normally $999

This mini-course will give you everything you need to get started and confidently market your retreats to your ideal clients. It's time to bring your dream to life.

PSA: This is much more than just a checklist, it's your Retreat Bible!

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